Welcome - Primitive Calculators


Oh Crikey! Not another freakin blog!

As If I need to read some other persons opinions about anything!... I hear you scream inside your brain.

Well.. dont fear. I plan to say very little. Let me explain...

This is my first attempt to make a blog, because frankly I couldnt care less about people knowing my thoughts.... but then I realsied that when I take photos I am totally expressing my opinion.
I only take photos when I am really enjoying something.
So.. on this/these pages I will be showing you my photos.

Generally they will be of bands... but some might just be a random photo I've taken that I like...
...and generally, if you see them photographed here, take it for granted that I strongly advise you to check these bands out.

I live in Melbourne, and so hopefully most of my shots will be of bands from this area... but if I travel, I'll be posting pics of ace bands I see along the way too.... or whatever the hell I come across that I like.

So.. to get things started.. for no particular reason.. Here's a pic of The
Primitive Calculators, in one of their first performances for 30 or so years, at the ATP festival, Jan 2009. They were awesome!

If this photo isnt largeish or visible in full on this page... try clicking on it for a better view.