Camp A Low Hum (nz) 2009

Camp A Low Hum is a nice little festival that only allows for 800 or so people... and this year I went over with my band Baseball and a makeshift Oz-rock cover band called Nintendo KiWii.

Apart from being in an ideal picturesque location 40 mins from Wellington, there was a lot of fun to be had, with many ace bands and great dam/lagoon to swim in... as pictured above.

Acts at camp that really impressed me and are worth checking out include, Little Pictures (nz), Golden Axe (nz), Sharpie Crows (nz), and East Brunswick All Girls Choir (Melb), and Guy Blackman, and Nintendo KiWii of course.

And.. other kickarse sets were blasted out by the following:

My Disco

The DHDFDs (nz)

Justice YeldhamBonaparte
The Show Is The Rainbow (USA)