Ron Mueck at the NGV

So Australian born Ron Mueck currently has a show on at the NGV. It features larger than life as well as smaller than life sculptures. Here's some photos I took while trialing some DIY tilt-shift lens action.


Campus A Low Hum 2010 - Deluxe Edition

This year I took my Mamiya C220 to camp and shot the following photos. The one above was taken of the pool stage at the end of the final night, after The Show Is The Rainbow had made party.

Darren (TSITRainbow), Dave Toecutter and friend.

The taking of class photos

Witch Hats

Dan Deacon moments after his hair cut

Kiwi photographer Petra Jane uses her old medium format to snap Polka Dot Dot Dot

Polka Dot Dot Dot

East Brunswick All Girls Choir

The water tower through out some useful light late at night...



Taupo and Mt Ruapehu - New Zealand

Motutaiko Island sits in Lake Taupo in the middle of New Zealand's North Island. Lake Taupo was formed after a massive volcanic eruption.

While NZ's highest mountain, Mt Ruapehu has errupted in much more recent times, most recently in 1995-96. It was too cloudy to see it's peak when we were there.


The Killers of Bulls - New Zealand

Ann Shelton's photography

This photo above is not an Ann Shelton image, however she is known for her mirrored and/or folded type presentation of her photos. My photo reproducing her technique was taken at a small lake at Huntly in New Zealand's North Island. We were actually in Huntly to track down the Topp Twins, but they were too elusive for us.

At Campus A Low Hum this year Ann Shelton exhibited some images from her villa series taken at the abandoned Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital in Wanganui.

Ann uses a large format camera which allows for such high detail in her prints.

Inspired by her style, I took a photo of the empty pool stage at the festival site and mirrored the image.