Steve Albini Portrait

While in Melbourne with his band Shellac, I took this portrait of Steve.

Dumb Numbers play Yah Yahs

Adam Harding flew into Melbourne for a handful of shows the other weekend with his new outfit, Dumb Numbers. Dumb Numbers consists of Adam Harding, Bonnie Mercer (Dead River, Grey Daturas, Paul Kidney Experience, etc), Steve Patrick (Useless Children, etc), and Murph (Dinosaur Jr). 

There's an album to be released, hopefully soon. In the meantime Dumb Numbers has a track on this very special 7" ep thing with Lou Barlow, David Yow and Thurston Moore! 

Bricks Are Heavy (L7 Covers band)

Str8 outta 1992 comes Melbourne's own L7 covers band, Bricks Are Heavy. This is them playing at Yah Yahs. Such fun!

Secret Men's Business - A Country Bucks Weekend