My Disco

My Disco are a band that continues to floor me. They sort of began as a hi-tech math-noise-rock band, seemingly spawned from the At The Drive In/Albini school of rock... but as time has passed, they have grown into a monstrously brutal band verging on the metronomic hardcore disco. At first I thought the word 'disco' in their name was supposed to be ironic... but now I reckon their brilliant new album Paradise is ripe for the picking to any beat-thieving hip-hop producer with an ear for edge.

Another factor that keeps me loving My Disco is their awesome and head-scratching band photography by Warwick Baker. His concepts are fresh and slightly disturbing.... which is always a good thing in art, in my opinion.

.....woops. I said I wasnt going to write opinions here. crap!

This photo of Ben was taken at the old 101 club in Collingwood, when the band was being filmed for the Sticky Carpet Documentary.

This photo of Rohan was taken at The Espy. A photo of Liam in action will be found in the Camp A Low Hum entry.