Vivian Girls

The Vivian Girls played a great set at Springtones last weekend.

Itchiball Prize 2009 winner is... me!

Well it seems like my awesome painting skills are getting recognised at long last! Last week I was awarded the prestigious 2009 Itchiball Prize by the Museum of Particularly Bad Art.
I am awaiting offers for sponsorship and endorsement deals...
I am also available to paint commission paintings at a reasonable price. However, with every painting I sell, the price of the next painting goes up!

Ivy St

Ivy St are from Tasmania and recently launched their new album. This was taken at their Melbourne launch at the Tote.

Sandra Tobias - Posted – It’s what was written!

A local to Welshmans Reef, Sandra Tobias' interactive art installation was presented both inside and outside at Melbourne's Federation Square. "Posted – It’s what was written!" is based on the fading art form of the letter, and how rural folks are often quite resourceful and inventive when making their letterboxes.


Lluís Fuzzhound Sánchez

Lluís Sánchez works from his studio, churning out Lluis Fuzzhound poster art. He's currently working on a centerfold for Car Kulture DeLuxe magazine, who are doing a feature on him.

Lluis is a member of the local band Midnight Woolf, who also rules supreme.


Tiger Goes Bird Hunting

This was my first photographic experience.
In 1983 this series gained me a cub-scout badge for photography.


Triple Head

3 people's heads fused together in-camera


Legends of Motorsport

With a new drummer on board, and a new album in the pipes, the Legends are lookin mighty hot... Yeah Uh Huh!

Sandy Creek Bridge at Welshmans Reef

I've probably driven over this bridge a thousand times. It leads to lake Cairn Curren, which is no longer a lake really... just the Loddon creek.