ATP - The Stickmen and Harmony

The Stickmen are an old Hobart band who I'd heard about well before I heard their music. Via Tasmanian housemates and friends I got my hands on their albums from when they used to exist back in the mid 90's. They hadn't played since. 
Finally, after something like 14 years, last Sunday, they played at ATP at the request of The Drones. 
So good!

Next up on the same stage, Harmony came on played their own stellar set. 
Fewer of them are Tasmanians, but there's still a lot of heads.

MOFO 2013

So this isn't really a typical review and coverage of the event. It's not like I got a press pass or anything. I just went down to Hobart knowing I'd have a great time at MOFO because it totally ruled last year.

This year, Death Grips slayed us all. Absolutely best on ground. There were also a whole bunch of fantastic other things, notably Colin Offord playing a live soundtrack to the film For The Term Of His Natural Life.  

However, the first good thing I came across were some champion people I know who were attending one of the MOFO art exhibitions...

This band I'd never heard of called All Fires played the main stage filling the slot left by Colin Stetson who sadly had to cancel. I missed them there, however I caught them at a Faux Mo after-party set, and they were pretty good.

Speaking of which, Faux Mo was full of great stuff. This year it was bigger and included things as interesting as Chicks On Speed giving a "lecture", surprise acts, and even a band in a box! 

You have to peep through the holes to see them

Mat Ward with Tania Bosak And The No Mates Ensemble performed POUAW!, which celebrates the centenary of Luigi Russolo's futurist manefesto L'arte Dei Rumori (The Art Of Noises). A daily highlight.

This bloke Peter Bibby is a bit of a champion. He wasn't on the MOFO bill at all, but he did play under the Molle Street bridge to some locals and some blow-ins like me. He's a mainlander and is fantastic. Find him and watch his gigs. 

...oh yeah, and Death Grips left us soaking in our own drool and brain juices. Incredible!



Tantrums are a Melbourne band, originally a two piece has grown to five in recent times. 
I saw them play this summer at an open-air generator-powered gig down by Moonee Ponds Creek.