Adalita, River Of Snakes - on set

River Of Snakes have just released an EP called Bad Blood. recently Adam Harding directed a clip for them, shot by Adam Russ. Check out the clip here

I also discovered on the same roll of film, this shot from the making of Adalita's film clip Fool Around. Also shot and directed by Adam Harding. I've already put a couple of other pics from this film clip here


Little Ugly Girls play The Tote

LUGs are a rock'n'roll treasure. A band that was ruling the Hobart band scene when grunge was in full flight but no touring bands would visit Hobart (maybe Bikini Kill and Fugazi made it down there).. So bands like Mouth and Little Ugly Girls just did their own thing.

I hadn't seen LUGs since they supported Magic Dirt at the long-gone Punters Club, probably in the late '90s, so I was pretty freakin happy to see them play once again.

Gig of the year.

Bean on guitar.

Mindy on bass

Sloth on drums, and fronted by Linda.

For their final song of the night, Tom Lyngcoln joined the band to play a brutal version of Vinegar.

The Nation Blue support LUGS

Tom Lyngcoln from The Nation Blue organised such an awesome gig on the weekend, with Little Ugly Girls headlining. Nation Blue were main supports, and were also phenomenal! It's been a while since I've seen them, and since they've played.. and they killed it!

Hobart's own Julian Teakle joined the Nation Blue to perform a stellar version of the classic song Sonic Advisor, from Teakle's two piece band The Frustrations... giving mad props to genius taswegians such as his old bandmate Mike Harris, and many others who may not have made it across to the mainland for the show.

No Anchor @ NSC

No Anchor have been kicking arses for several years now. Their double vinyl album is killer! This is them slaying at the Northcote Social Club.