VRDL - Victorian Roller Derby League

A jammer prepares to take on the pack.

The VRDL has had a great year in 2009, ending in an amazing grand final which came right down to the last jam!

What a great trophy!

Freshie skater in training...


Eddy Current Suppression Ring at Meredith 2009

After a top notch sunset, Eddy Current then came out and played a ripper set... as usual.
Brendan asked the crowd to part, so he could join his loving mob.

Paul Kelly at Meredith

Paul played a ripper set of hits, coupled with a glorious sunset...
Then folks started giving Paul and his Kelly gang the boot of approval.
So Paul returned the gesture, giving the audience the double-boot!

Kid Sam at Meredith

Witch Hats at Meredith

At very late notice, Witch Hats were added to the Meredith bill this year. Their set featured a fine bum solo.

Regular John at Meredith


Shane and Christine get married

Ladies with their flowers, and the men with their red label 'Reserve' Stones, all was in readiness for a country wedding.

Meeting at the Maldon train station, all of the guests were boarded onto the J541. Kidnapped! ...and taken to Muckleford station where formalities took place.

The couple planted a tree (a local variety) at Muckleford, before we all boarded back onto the train to return to Maldon, where we ate, drank and danced the night away at the Progress Hall.Congratulations Shane and Christine!


My New Mamiya RB67 Camera vs Me

So, I have a new camera! The Mamiya RB67 is a pro studio type camera that's kinda known as the workhorse in the commercial and fashion industry.. until digital took over. So, I picked mine up cheap!

Here's me trying it out on myself using some 6 year out of date Polaroid film. I'm looking forward to putting proper film through it... stay tuned.

do you like my new suit?


Agwa, and how to drink it...

So, a while back I tried to make a product look good. Perhaps the company would like to give me lots of money and a life time's supply of this stuff?


Magic Dirt - Dean Turner Tribute gig at the Corner

Magic Dirt played their Melbourne leg of the Dean Turner Tribute Shows recently. For many it was an emotionally charged show, particularly as they opened with Dean's favorite song Baby Cakes. It was also a fantastically rockin show of celebration, being one of the best gigs I've seen an ages. It also launched the White Boy EP, which was one of the last projects Dean worked on before his passing.

Another highlight for me was the addition of a bloke who's style has greatly inspired my own guitar playing, Daniel Herring (below) who joined the stage for a few songs.


Rowland S Howard - 2005

Rowland has a new album out called Pop Crimes, and so he's in the press a bit lately.
This photo I took at his home in 2005, while shooting an interview for the Sticky Carpet documentary.

Justice Yeldham - Lucas Abela

You may have seen a Justice Yeldham set, playing the sheet of glass, like he did at this year's Camp A Low Hum. I found this photo in my vault, taken at the Rob Roy hotel back in 2005.


Scum System Kill at Maggotville 2006

Scum System Kill have seemingly broke up, but one glorious night at Maggotville (which sadly closed last month) they performed a killer set, enjoyed by all in attendance. SSK, along with fellow Sydney folk, Crux are (or were) my pick of the bunch of crust-punk bands going round.


Fangs Of ...........

Fangs of Satanic Soccer Mums? Fangs of a TV Evangelist? or just plain old Fangs Of... they're a worthy band indeed. Jem and Paddo (seen here playing bass) used to be in Firewitch together, and are still in Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour. This is them rockin the National Hotel in Geelong


The Stabs make a film clip

On Saturday, a party full of people turned up to a much loved house and enjoyed the proceedings as The Stabs taped a film clip for their new album, Dead Wood.

Grong Grong at the tote

After many years, not playing since 1984, Adelaide band
Grong Grong have returned for god knows how long... but on Saturday night they played a ripper set at the Tote. Noise rock!
Catch them if you can, while you can.

Happy Halloween


Truth from Facts vs my new camera

This was the first time I'd come across Truth From Facts, and they were great.
Their album "2009" is really good too.

This photo was taken on the first roll of film I put through my new Trip 35 camera. I can't do my normal tricks with this camera, but it seems to have a great little lens on it. I'm sure it will get a lot of use... stay tuned!


Drumheller is Rob from East Brunswick All Girls Choir, wearing the Mother and Father t-shirt here.

He makes lovely soundscapes using slides, bows, drumsticks on his guitar and loop pedal... etc

This photo was taken up in a new cafe El Joyero, on High St Thornbury last weekend on my newly acquired 1973 Olympus Trip 35 camera!


The Dacios - part 2

So, in the past year Kim Volkman has joined The Dacios on bass. He's mighty rock, which isn't surprising, being a former member of X and The Love Addicts and all.

Linda and Kim at High-Vibes fest:

While Bean is rock solid as per usual, taken at the Monkeys Blood album launch at the Tote: