Tim Guy

Tim Guy is a Melbourne based (via a few other places) singer songwriter who's got a new album on the way...


River Of Snakes 2012

River Of Snakes have a new 7" out! Always great live. Here's some recent photos


Blender Studios and Doyle's Subtopia

For the last decade or so, Blender Studios has been the home of some of Melbourne's better street and fine-art talent. There is currently being aired on ABC TV a 2 part doco called Subtopia on it's man-in-command Adrian Doyle (above). 

I dropped in recently to see my mate Michael Fikaris (below), and snapped a few other dudes who were hanging round that arvo...  check out their air, it's all killer.

This guy, Merv was also just popping in to share his 'zine wares with the resident library/ssshhhhhop


The Murlocs

The Murlocs are ace. They'll bring the party.

Nikki Toole

Nikki Toole is a Melbourne based Scot, who takes fantastic portraits. That's her hair and tripod in the foreground. 
Her Roller Girl series features a shot of my wife Nell, which has gone on to become a finalist in the 2012 National Photographic Portrait Prize, at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra

Normally quite shy in front of the camera, Nikki allowed me to take her portrait...

You can find her Roller Girl series as well as her other work at her website.