Farmyard Mysteries

While up at Welshmans Reef I came across a couple of interesting things. Firstly, I discovered that mum has been keeping a pet bird out in the garden. It eats very little and doesn't have an annoying chirp because it's dead!

Later on, while walking around the paddock I came across what looks suspiciously like a mortar and pestle. Perhaps it was a crudely fashioned kitchen tool from the goldrush era, or perhaps even older from the local indigenous mob? It's currently at the Melbourne Museum getting assessed.

The blue image in the photo below is a night time exposure of a tree featured previously in this blog. I double exposed it by mistake. Or is it a dreamtime ghost alerting me to the sacred nature of this found mortar and pestle?


Heinz Riegler

Heinz Riegler was down from Brisbane the other month, and played a glorious all acoustic (no mics) set at the Old Bar one afternoon. I first knew of Heinz as the lead guy in the band Not From There, who's first ep got some hi-rotation on my stereo. His music and delivery is refeshingly honest and humble. Needle to say I enjoyed this set a lot.

Tom Lyngcoln (Nation Blue, etc) joined Heinz on a song.


Fuel Flowers in Moving Galleries

Today Moving Galleries launched their travelling exhibition of art and poetry. Included in the exhibition is this photo of mine of Steve Proposch's Fuel Flowers, as previously featured on this blog back in February.

You can view all the artwork on 40 of Melbourne's Connex trains now through to November. You can even vote for your favorite through the People's Choice Awards.

Since I took this photo, the Fuel Flowers have moved, and are currently visible on the property of the Welshmans Reef vineyard and winery. It is at this new location where I took this following photo, of the Fuel Flowers In Bloom.


The Stabs - Deaf Wish Tour

The Stabs and Deaf Wish returned to Melbourne to close their 10 date tour last month. They played a 6pm free instore show at Missing Link Records...

Then, at 2am it all started again at Pony. I don't think I was the only one seeing double that night...

Mick Turner and Ian Wadley

Taken the same night as the Rand and Holland photo, here Mick Turner (Dirty Three, Tren Bros, etc) teams up with Ian Wadley, at the Thornbury Theatre.

Rand and Holland

Rand and Holland played a great show at the Thornbury Theatre. Here's a snap.