Camp A Low Hum (nz) 2009 - part 2 - Neil Finn

Oh... and perhaps I forgot to mention in the previous post... as well as some kickarse sets from The Stabs and Mother and Father and Ouch My Face... There was a surprise performance by Neil Finn, backed by sons Liam and Elroy, with ex Tin Lid EJ Barnes.
They began with Neil blacking up on bass on Liam's songs, but then they swapped around a few times. It was pretty awesome seeing and hearing I See Red, History Never Repeats, 4 Seasons in One Day, and even a couple of covers. They even played I Got You, despite Nintendo KiWiibutchering the song the night before. I apologised to Neil for that... be he just said "You Aussies are always trying to apologise for something.." . He also took delight in bringing up the cricket as another source of aussie scoundrel behaviour... well Neil, don't forget about that photo I took of you in a compromising position.. ;)

This photo is of Neil just before he made his surprise appearance to an ecstatic mob. With him here is Camp festival organiser Blink, who did a glorious job of keeping this rabbit under his hat.