Striborg performs at MONA

Tasmanian black metal artist Striborg doesn't play very often, however last weekend he treated us to a set entitled Purifying The River Of Tears, written in homage to the Derwent River to be played at MONA for the MONA FOMA festival. 

Emerging from behind the MONA building through the riverside fog, Sin Nanna (Striborg) and a string quartet played beside the Wim Delvoye Gothic Chapel where they performed for 30 minutes. It was fantastic.

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Striborg at MONA by Ben Butcher photo Striborg-at-Mona-by-Ben-But.gif


Hobart Improv Collective at MONO FOMA

The Hobart Improv Collective played as a 6 piece at MOFO this year. It's a fluid line-up of some of Hobart's more interesting musos. 

Sun Ra Arkestra at MONA FOMA

Sun Ra Arkestra played twice this weekend in Hobart. Once on the main stage, and then a fantastic set the next night at the Faux Mo afterparty. Marshall Allen (below) often stole the show via his wild sax sounds.

Colin Stetson at MONA FOMA

Colin Stetson was a late withdrawal from last year's MOFO, but made it this year, however without his signature bass saxophone. It really didn't matter. Colin was able to blow minds with just his regular sax and a few strategically placed contact mics. Hypnotic, lush and at times hauntingly beautiful. When he's not playing with Arcade Fire, Bon Iver or Tom Waits, do yourself a favour and go and catch him play a solo set!  

Russell Haswell at MONA FOMA

 Russell Haswell performed a great set of brutal closed and/or bent circuit noise and loudly played whistle on Saturday afternoon at MOFO. Awesome set. He kinda smashed his hand open while doing it too. Blood did flow, and minds were blown.