Kung Fu Knitting

The Kung Fu Knitting Master must first meditate before unleashing a fury of crafts onto the world.

An unsuspecting tree might want to watch it's step. Or it might get what the tripoded camera copped!



Margins are essentially Black Level Embassy with the addition of Dave from Rhythm Bell, but playing very different music. The links are there, you can check it out. They're pretty rad.

These photos were taken down near Flinders on the Victorian coast.

Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey is a Melbourne musician who has been a member of many a fine band, including the Paradise Motel, and at times Gaslight Radio.

He's got a new solo album in the pipes, and it's pretty sweet too.


Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth need no introduction. Absolutely one of my favorite bands of all time. This photo above was taken when they played Daydream Nation in Melbourne at the Metro. It's not that unusual to see them do a but of guitar porn like this.

However, I do have some bragging rights about the photo below. It was taken at the Corduroy Records building when Lee Ronaldo, Thurston Moore, Steve Shelley, and Jim O'Rourke (active member of SY at the time) were invited to record an improvised live-to-acetate recording for Saucerlike Records. There was a limited release of 800 copies, with the cover art done by Kim Gordon.

The band had just come off the plane, so Kim was too tired to join in. The guys didn't have their own equipment, so they borrowed everything. This is Thurston playing on the recording, using my beloved Japanese guitar, a Suzuki Super-Sounds!

Turbonegro Lovers

This photo was always one of my most popular snaps. Taken at the Corner Hotel at the Turbonegro gig, just before the band came onto stage I saw these guys, my brother told me I should take their photo, I asked them if that was cool, and then took it.

The pic was used as the front cover of PBS-fm's Easey Magazine, and the couple have a copy of their own.