The Dacios

The Dacios have a new bass player. Pete from Deaf Wish, etc!!

Deaf Wish at The Corner Hotel

Deaf Wish supporting Dinosaur Jr the other week.



Recently on a photoshoot we had some film left over, so we tried out an idea.


Pavement - at the Palace, Melbourne

Watching Pavement at Golden Plains was just plain awesome! A week later they played a couple of shows at the old Metro, now called The Palace. Not to be confused with the old Palace in St.Kilda which has now been knocked down..... I think.

Malkamus was on fire...
...well, perhaps his pants were...
...well, he was a little excited, walking over the drumkit half way through the set....
...it's hard to see, but thats him behind Spiral, on the floor tom...

...and how awesome is Bob!?!!


The other week Nell made some awesomely hearty soup. Everyone loves soup right!?


Nature Strip Friday Rock

One pleasant sunny summer Friday arvo I came across a bbq/skate ramp/gig on the nature strip near my house. It turned out to be Dick Diver and the Weekend Pharaohs.
It was ace. A full moon too!

Useless Children

Useless Children have been rockin around Melbourne for a couple of years now... picking up some ace support slots recently. These photos were taken at the Corner while supporting either Magic Dirt or Dinosaur Jr just recently.


Adalita - Mixing her debut solo album

Adalita (Magic Dirt) is currently mixing down her debut solo album. The tracks I heard are sounding really great. Stay tuned folks...


Dinosaur Jr at The Corner Hotel

Dinosaur Jr played a great set of hits last week at the Corner... Then then went to Golden Plains and stepped it up another notch or 2 and blew everyone off the stage...
Lou rocked out hard.

J and his mass of guitar pedals!


Pip Proud - RIP

Pip Proud died last week of throat cancer. I saw him just this one time in November 2006 playing at the Old Bar. It was great.
More info about Pip's releases, and MP3s can be found here.


The Night Terrors

Melbourne band The Night Terrors are planing another tour of Europe, with their thunderous bass, synth, drum and theremin action... Lookout!



Daedelus performed at this years Campus A Low Hum, winning over many a new fan.
He dresses mighty sharp also.


I've been drawn and blogged! at XTOTL

Here's a version/vision of me, at the Tote with camera and flash in hand as remembered by Toby Morris, who has included me in his XTOTL blog series 200 People I Used To Know.
Thanks Toby!

Toby has relocated to Amsterdam after initially moving to Melbourne from NZ with his band at the time, Batrider.

SLAM Rally

The SLAM Rally occurred last week with a massive show of numbers. As well as a few famous heads. Even Slash (G'N'f'n'Rs) caught wind of the troubles we've had down here in Melbourne and send in an email of support.

Simon Grounds (above) even brought out of the studio his trusted microphone stand friend because the situation was looking so dire.

walking up Bourke St

Paul Kelly gets interviewed...
Did I mention there were a lot of people?

Friends came too!

And even the Liberal Party turned up, with dubious intent, and cigarettes in mouth...