VRDL - Victorian Roller Derby League

A jammer prepares to take on the pack.

The VRDL has had a great year in 2009, ending in an amazing grand final which came right down to the last jam!

What a great trophy!

Freshie skater in training...


Eddy Current Suppression Ring at Meredith 2009

After a top notch sunset, Eddy Current then came out and played a ripper set... as usual.
Brendan asked the crowd to part, so he could join his loving mob.

Paul Kelly at Meredith

Paul played a ripper set of hits, coupled with a glorious sunset...
Then folks started giving Paul and his Kelly gang the boot of approval.
So Paul returned the gesture, giving the audience the double-boot!

Kid Sam at Meredith

Witch Hats at Meredith

At very late notice, Witch Hats were added to the Meredith bill this year. Their set featured a fine bum solo.

Regular John at Meredith


Shane and Christine get married

Ladies with their flowers, and the men with their red label 'Reserve' Stones, all was in readiness for a country wedding.

Meeting at the Maldon train station, all of the guests were boarded onto the J541. Kidnapped! ...and taken to Muckleford station where formalities took place.

The couple planted a tree (a local variety) at Muckleford, before we all boarded back onto the train to return to Maldon, where we ate, drank and danced the night away at the Progress Hall.Congratulations Shane and Christine!