My New Mamiya RB67 Camera vs Me

So, I have a new camera! The Mamiya RB67 is a pro studio type camera that's kinda known as the workhorse in the commercial and fashion industry.. until digital took over. So, I picked mine up cheap!

Here's me trying it out on myself using some 6 year out of date Polaroid film. I'm looking forward to putting proper film through it... stay tuned.

do you like my new suit?


Agwa, and how to drink it...

So, a while back I tried to make a product look good. Perhaps the company would like to give me lots of money and a life time's supply of this stuff?


Magic Dirt - Dean Turner Tribute gig at the Corner

Magic Dirt played their Melbourne leg of the Dean Turner Tribute Shows recently. For many it was an emotionally charged show, particularly as they opened with Dean's favorite song Baby Cakes. It was also a fantastically rockin show of celebration, being one of the best gigs I've seen an ages. It also launched the White Boy EP, which was one of the last projects Dean worked on before his passing.

Another highlight for me was the addition of a bloke who's style has greatly inspired my own guitar playing, Daniel Herring (below) who joined the stage for a few songs.