Golden Plains 2011 - roll 2

The second night of Golden Plains this year was quite the party....

focus fail on my mate Vic Skywalker
Some pipe smokers
My mate Tonks!
Mia McDonald, resident photographer.


Golden Plains 2011 - roll 1

The Golden Plains Music Festival was pretty sweet this year. Graveyard Train brought the zombies to the yard, and ruled the stage...
Justin Townes Earle also slayed...

Campsite dudes...
...and Pulled Apart By Horses brought some much needed guts.

some other bands acts that ruled include Cosmic Psychos, Joanna Newsom, Os Mutantes, The Clean, etc...


Amaya Laucirica - Sleeping In Your Shadow film clip

Amaya is currently making a film clip with director Adam Harding for her song Sleeping In Your Shadow, from her album Early Summer.


Adalita - The Repairer film clip

Adalita has just released her debut self-titled album. While on location shooting her new film clip for The Repairer (directed by Adam Harding) I shot these.
You can find a whole bunch of other photos here at Adalita's website.

Gang of Four - Corner Hotel

Gang of Four played a cracking set at the corner hotel this week.
More photos and a review by Rene Schaefer is up at The Vine (dot com)

microwave + sawn-off baseball bat = beats


Baptism Of Uzi

Baptism OF Uzi are kicking arse at the moment! Local Melbourne lads.

New War - Yah Yahs