My Disco @ HiFi Bar

My Disco played support to Shellac (see previous post) last weekend at the HiFi Bar.
It was very dark, smoke filled with added laser!


Shellac (of North America) play Melbourne

Shellac played their first Australian show for 18 years (or something) the other night, at Melbourne's HiFi Bar. They were pretty awesome.

Here are some things I noticed...

At times Shellac think they are planes

Todd doesn't mind taking his snare drum for a walk

Sometimes Steve has to hang onto his mic stand

Steve has a spare metal pic lodged in his guitar

Bob has only one knob

Yes, Steve does cast a shadow

Yes, Todd does also play drums from behind a kit

No time to focus the camera, as Steve introduces his guitar to his amp...

Sometimes Bob and Steve help Todd stop his cymbals from making a noise


primitive calculators

The Primitive Calculators are legends of the Melbourne music landscape, and are still as vital as they ever were back when they began in the late 1970's. For those who don't know, read up about them here.

They're currently releasing a 7" single, and will have an album released in the not too distant future. stay tuned!