Cash Savage's Last Stand

Week in and week out (or should I more accurately say "time in and time out") for the past 5-6 years Coach Cash Savage has lead the mighty Old Bar Unicorns both on and off the field with inspirational words and actions. 

The other week saw Cash coach in her final game at the Oak Park oval against some other team... let's just say it was the Bats, because they're bloody legends. But it was actually the East Brunny Gougers, who played the 'Corns in the first game way back when...  fitting really.

In the rooms, Coach Savage works with her minions to formulate a plan to bring most awesomeness to this game we call Aussie Rules

While out on the ground, cheers would always go up at pretty much everything Cash had to say.

After her last speech in the rooms after half time, Cash had to wipe her nose. Not a sniffle for any other reason except that there might have been a bit of a cold going round that week... honest.

Unicorns past, present and future will eternally love Coach Cash Savage.
Thanks for all the glorious awesomeness.