Campus A Low Hum 2010

It's not Camp A Low Hum any more, it's Campus A Low Hum. And this year it was at an abandoned agricultural college near the NZ northern island town of Bulls.

I already have a bunch of photos on display at Mess+Noise here.
There's also the Andy Hazel's review with some of my pics at M+N here.

While getting the our class photos, some people were uncontrollable with enthusiasm.
Probably because there were so many great venues on campus to watch the bands...

Here Polka Dot Dot Dot are on the Assembly stage, with the Shed stage to the left in the background

This is a view of the pool stage... empty of water but often full of punters as the bands played down the deep end...

And the Renegade Room.. where some of the more unhinged and barely planned acts did their stuff...

Golden Axe synthin up a storm! Such a great classic Low Hum rockin band... just look at the faces of those in the audience!
Gaywyre! Metal at it's most glorious. I think my favorite song title of theirs was "Operation Market Garden". They owned the Assembly stage that night.

The Polka Dot Dot Dots won over so many new fans who'd never heard of them before. Beautiful afternoon folky-times!

...getting everyone's love

Daedelus rocked the pool and the leavers formal with his box of light buttons and madly cut samples and loops. With his 3 piece suit and mutton chops he oozes with a classic style that make you wonder how Mozart might have performed if he had today's technology....

When Dan Deacon rocked the pool, everyone was there to testify.

Another band who worked the Pool Stage (stage? perhaps pit is a better term... Pit perhaps?) were Bum Creek. Who knows where the music ends and the silliness begins, but Bum Creek pulled off 2 thoroughly entertaining sets on Campus.

Drumheller made some beautiful ambient soundscapes both at the Renegade Room and late on the last night in the Shed. A perfect closure to the festival this year.

Bang Bang Eche were the last band scheduled at the Renegade Room on the Monday night, and they rocked it big time... as you can see...

So, most folks at the festival camped on tents, including the singer from The DHDFDs.. although one night he was unable to use his tent because it was being used by some other folks to... ummm... show fond affection for one another... ummm...

So! The next day Ouch My Face totally ruled the Assembly Stage, and pretty much sold more t-shirts than any other band.

Ummmm... these guys...

Here's Blink at the front of the huge archway tunnel formed by Dan Deacon via his lunchtime fitness session

F in Math vocoded the pool...

Dent May! Such wonderful uke and harmonies. Yet another highlight of the fest this year.

Did I mention that there were a Leavers Formal Ball? So yeah, here's the hot couple, Jess and Dan dancing away like its 1999.

Sometimes jams broke out in the Renegade Room that didn't have a name. This one below was awesome, but was eventually shut down by Blink. Probably because it was 5am or something...

The Renegade Room was full of great and unexpected stuff. Here's a photo of a thing called Smell The Cheese, which was a gang made up of folks from Bum Creek, Witch Hats, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, and others including me. Fun times!

Mixer and suspected Russian, James Tulczyn not only kept things in order and sounding good in the Barn stage, but I he also took the photo above of Smell The Cheese with my camera.
Thanks Jimmy!

DZ from Brisbane were rockin!

Thugquota worked the pool to full effect

Orchestra of Spheres were a hit also...

This man likes both types of music

God Bows To Math know how to rock. This bass player totalled himself the previous night while playing the the BMX Rapists (who apparently ruled hard), and then resurfaced to plat a 1pm set on day 2. What a trooper!


Shaggs and Toecutter watching a great set by the Witch Hats.

Witch Hats on the Assembly stage


Die Die Die at Campus a Low Hum

Die Die Die had one of the most enthusiastic crowds on the Assembly Stage at camp this year. It was kinda nuts...

Nomex at Campus A Low Hum

Nomex brought the noise to Campus this year in a big way. If he's playing a gig near you, get on down.

The Butchers of Bendigo


Batrider at Campus A Low Hum 2010

Creepy Pool Light

The DHDFDs at Campus A Low Hum

The DHDFDs were a band that really impressed my at last years Camp A Low Hum. I was stoked to hear that they were back again this year. This time round they played just the one set, and it was a corker. Playing in the pool and using the crowd and a 44 gallon drum, the singer and his band put on one of the best sets of the festival.