September 11, 2001, New York City (part 2)

As I already explained previously in this blog, I was in New York during the September 11 attacks. Negotiations with the Australian War Memorial have lead to a licencing agreement being made for the photo I'd previously posted, and these other images. The AWM may consider also acquiring the licence to this and many other images I took at that time.

More (70) photos can be viewed at this new blog : http://september11nyc.blogspot.com/

Blockade at Houston St (I think)

A man and dog (blurred) taken at Union Square, 2 weeks after the attacks

Memorials and 'missing' posters at Union Square

Memorial flag and candles at Union Square

Looking at the building site from 2 blocks away through the window of a bus.


Dan Kelly at home

Another time I took photos for Mess+Noise Mag article, I ventured to Dan Kelly's house. He was in a tropical mood, and I brought the sunlight to the night-time... hence the shade-goggles.

The Drones - Gareth

So, in between a soundcheck and a a gig at the Corner Hotel a few years back, I went with Gareth from The Drones out the back and took some photos for an article for Mess+Noise Magazine. It was published quite a while ago now... but I thought I'd put the pics on me newly formed blog.


Travelling with The Assassination Collective

Sometimes I enjoy taking photos of things that arnt live-action rock-n-rollers... for example, see my Welshmans Reef photos, etc.

While on tour around Byron Bay way with my band The Assassination Collective, we took a night off from playing and just hung out on the beach.

We also ventured up the creek towards a sacred aboriginal fertility lake...

...and watched the sun rise where the creek meets the ocean.
(click on the picture below to see a larger scale version. It's pretty nice larger)


Golden Plains 2009

Deaf Wish (above) were one of the better bands on early on Saturday arvo.
The Church were really good on Sunday night

Of Montreal were interesting

Rod Cooper, meet Matt Gleeson...Even the staff were enticed by the great cinema programme

More photos of other bands featured at the festival can be found below in other posts.

Mogwai at Golden Plains

Mogwai have been one of my favorite live bands for about a decade now, and on Saturday night they were awesome. Best band of the fest for my money.

Gary Numan at Golden Plains

Gary Numan! What a performance! Even when dodging flying apples at this year's festival, he did it with style.

His band were kinda Nine Inch Nails clones.. but that didnt matter.

The Vessel Project at Golden Plains

Rood Cooper's The Vessel Project was doing it's thing at the Eco-plex cinema on the Saturday night. He had about 6 people helping him play the instrument, with quadraphonic sound. Projections onto the sail and on the film screen were provided by Lachlan Conn. It was indeed a fascinating range of sight and sound.

You Am I at Golden Plains Fest 2009

I missed out on most of the You Am I set because I was too busy marveling at Rod Cooper's The Vessel Project at the cinema.. However when I did arrive, they were in fine form.

Quintron at Golden Plains

Quintron and Miss Pussycat sure did liven up the party. Here's a pic of Quintron playing the Drum Buddy. They've also got a fantastic infomercial all about how you too can buy your very own Drum Buddy for just $999.99!!

And of course, Quintron jumped into the crowd and ripped it up for a while...

The Drones at Golden Plains 2009

Yet again, The Drones had a ripper set at the Golden Plains Festival this year. Here's a couple of pic where Dan Luscombe swings and throws his guitar around in classic rock and roll style!


Witch Hats

When Keith's Yard broke up, Kris and Duncan got a band together with Kris's brother Ash, and called it Witch Hats. They gathered a 4th member, Tom, and in recent months have exchanged Duncan for Matt on drums.

These 2 photos above were taken at Pony.
The photos bellow were taken at the Espy, while supporting the Scientists. That was one great gig.


Summertones 2009

Western Australia's French Rockets, brought their awesome light show to the Espy as a part of the Summertones gig, put on by the fantastic local label, Mistletone. I was there with my camera snapping away for this Mess+Noise article. However, I thought I'd add a few other images they didn't publish on their site.

The Twerps are a great relatively new band who played down in the Espy's public bar on the day. Julia used to play the awesome guitar lines in Batrider before they parted ways a year or so ago..

The Stabs put in a fine performance at Mistletone, sporting some very nice frocks. I have already posted some photos of the Stabs shows in the past.... here, and you can expect some more in the not do distant future.Rowland S Howard also has his own entry here on Long Exposure, but I thought Id add another photo from the weekend's gig. He was in fine form.


September 11, 2001, New York City

On the 10th of September 2001, I drove into Brooklyn with my travelling companions. The next day we awoke to the events that shook the world. I had my camera and a brand new 28-70 Minolta lens (which has since broken.. but that's another story), and I took 7 rolls of film over the week or so immediately after the attacks.

I chose not to rush to ground zero, but to document what was going on in Manhattan. I held an exhibition of my photos in September 2002 at gammaSPACE (Flinders Lane, Melbourne). Word of my photos spread to the Australian War Memorial who were curating an exhibition on the 'war on terror'. The AWM borrowed 8 of my photos and a t-shirt I bought on the streets of New York at the time.

This photo below of 2 patriotic Americans was taken on Broadway near Union Square, where I found a lot of interesting activity.

The AWM have recently contacted me in acquiring more of, or at least helping in preserving my collection of which they have identified as having great historical documentation value. Negotiations are now taking place between myself and the AWM so that more of my collection will be made available to the public for reference and research purposes.

70 of the photographs I took are now able to be viewed at this new blog : http://september11nyc.blogspot.com/