Bodies formed from the ashes of The Adults. The other night Bodies launched their album. Killer band! Joel (pictured) also plays in the Assassination Collective.


Dan Kelly's Dream Band - lunchtime gig

With props and bubbles, the Dan Kelly Dream Band played a Friday lunchtime set at 1000 Pound Bend the other week.


Lichens with Ian Wadley

While in Australia touring with Om, Lichens did a couple of extra shows. I caught a collaboration between Lichens and Ian Wadley at Sunshine and Grease. Twas a pretty ace little gig.

The Strokes

The Strokes played at Festival Hall the other night, and slammed out a set of their catchy as hell pop classics. Opening with New York City Cops, they were in top form.

The Like

Before seeing The Like I'd read that they are the daughters of a bunch of music industry veterans from LA, so I was pretty sceptical. But they were pretty good. Garage-soul style rock...

Gypsy and the Cat

I saw a bit of these guys supporting The Strokes the other week... They didn't do a lot for me, but I only got to hear their first 3 songs.