Summertones 2009

Western Australia's French Rockets, brought their awesome light show to the Espy as a part of the Summertones gig, put on by the fantastic local label, Mistletone. I was there with my camera snapping away for this Mess+Noise article. However, I thought I'd add a few other images they didn't publish on their site.

The Twerps are a great relatively new band who played down in the Espy's public bar on the day. Julia used to play the awesome guitar lines in Batrider before they parted ways a year or so ago..

The Stabs put in a fine performance at Mistletone, sporting some very nice frocks. I have already posted some photos of the Stabs shows in the past.... here, and you can expect some more in the not do distant future.Rowland S Howard also has his own entry here on Long Exposure, but I thought Id add another photo from the weekend's gig. He was in fine form.