September 11, 2001, New York City

On the 10th of September 2001, I drove into Brooklyn with my travelling companions. The next day we awoke to the events that shook the world. I had my camera and a brand new 28-70 Minolta lens (which has since broken.. but that's another story), and I took 7 rolls of film over the week or so immediately after the attacks.

I chose not to rush to ground zero, but to document what was going on in Manhattan. I held an exhibition of my photos in September 2002 at gammaSPACE (Flinders Lane, Melbourne). Word of my photos spread to the Australian War Memorial who were curating an exhibition on the 'war on terror'. The AWM borrowed 8 of my photos and a t-shirt I bought on the streets of New York at the time.

This photo below of 2 patriotic Americans was taken on Broadway near Union Square, where I found a lot of interesting activity.

The AWM have recently contacted me in acquiring more of, or at least helping in preserving my collection of which they have identified as having great historical documentation value. Negotiations are now taking place between myself and the AWM so that more of my collection will be made available to the public for reference and research purposes.

70 of the photographs I took are now able to be viewed at this new blog : http://september11nyc.blogspot.com/