Magic Dirt - Dean Turner

Today I was very saddened by the news that Dean Turner has passed away after suffering health issues for a quite a while. As a founding member of Magic Dirt, Dean truly brought the magic to the music. Not only was he one of the loveliest guys going round, but he wrote killer riffs, was a master of the noise and groove, and he could also belt out a blood curdling storm on vocals. Check out Befriended Fallen Angel, I Was Cruel , Goofy Gumb, Choker, etc

Magic Dirt have been a favorite of mine since their 7" days on the Fellaheen and AuGoGo Record labels. Dean will be greatly missed.

This photo was taken at the Tote in 2002 at one of their 10 year anniversary shows.

The top photo was taken at the Big Day Out 2006.